Just a general thank you

May 31, 2019
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Thanks to whoever helps put on and organize the build offs.

February was spent with my brother in respitory failure and ICU all month ( he kicked it's ... and is doing great !) March was spent with our sweet kitty cat having tumors removed and related cancer surgeries ( he is in the process of kicking ...) , then all of the virus stuff and waving at mom through a window for two months is getting taxing. Anyway , this buildoff has been an especially nice distraction and outlet for creativity for the stressed and bored Lay family. Thanks and good vibes to everyone in this cool buildoff and health and peace in these crazy times.


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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
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Steve "Rat Rod" owns and hosts the RRB forum and gives us this fun world to play in that makes this all possible. He's been running the show since 2006.

The build off itself is all of the builders and other RRB members that make the time to share content, feedback, commentary, and killer builds. It really is a great community.

I can relate to how great it is to have this little escape pod from the trials and tribulations of the "real" world. I truly appreciate all of my build brothers and sisters here. I spent all of last year with my father slowly degrading from our world until he passed away on his 82nd birthday this February. I still made time to build a bike in BO14 last year to keep my sanity. We really haven't been able to have a normal world since he passed because of the craziness of the pandemic, civil unrest, and uncivil unrest. So here's to all of you wacky weirdos that help distract us from the "civilized" world. Thank you all!
Sep 26, 2012
Chicago, IL
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Three cheers for Steve and everyone one RRB

I take long breaks from RRB, but every time I come back it's still such a great place.

For reasons I don't care to go into here, I can't afford to risk the virus getting in my door, even a little, so I'm probably double locked down more than most. I can count the times I've been further than a mile from my house in the last three months on one hand.
With coworkers getting laid off and, looters a block from my house, plus a buch of other less than awesome personal and family events recently, it's been a tough year.
I really think posting dumb comments here and watching others use their talents in amazing ways has had a big positive effect on my mental health.

Plus, I owe meeting my Chicago family to RRB. So I'm for ever grateful to Steve and everyone on here.
Nov 17, 2018
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I've had 7 Strokes over the last few years . The doctors have not diagnosed a cause , so I now I have a heart monitor implanted . With every stroke I lose a little part of mind and mobility , but it seems I can still ride better then I can walk or talk anymore . RRB has been the best therapy for me . It forces me to get out my own bubble and work on my mind and motor skills again .
A Huge Thank You To RRB
May 18, 2020
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I gave up on forums due to self appointed "experts", alphas, stupid endless arguments, nitpicking, treating "noobs" like garbage, and all of the other stuff that came along with it. When I joined here, it was on a whim, and I was ready to close my account as quick as that garbage started. But, I haven't seen any of that or experienced it at all. There is fun, encouragement, turning ideas into rolling reality. I've been a pro wrench my entire life and frankly pretty burned out. Ratrodding bikes has got me back to my roots from long ago, when it was fun to take what others had tossed aside and make it into something useful again. So yeah, definitely thanks. I'm opening drawers on my tool box that haven't been opened in a long time.