Huffy Team 7Eleven Retro-Direct

Jul 13, 2009
louisville, tn -earth
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Got this from a coworker for cheap and decided to convert it from a 10 speed to a two speed. It's around a 85-87 huffy and was complete when I got it. I wrapped the handlebars and installed a new seat, tubes, and tires. I used an idler wheel from a bicycle engine kit to route the chain. For those of you who haven't seen a retro-direct before, you pedal forward for one gear and reverse for the other.

and a link to show you how it works. -
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Cool! I was a huge Team 7-11 fan. They were dominant when I was an up-and-coming racer. I sat next to Mark McCormick at the Killington Stage Race and got his autograph. Anyway, that's a far cry from the Serottas they were riding, but cool anyway.

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