Felt Cruiser Frame Question

Jun 11, 2012
Ontario canada
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I have a question that I think you guys can help me with about the felt cruiser frames like are used on the Troy Lee design bike. I have a chance to pick up the Happy Hour Troy Lee design bike for $500. The bike is about mint condition and I believe it is a 2007. I noticed in the pics the guy sent me that the tank frame is welded down the top in the middle of the tank, and I think the bottom as well. My question is are the newer frames made this way as well, or are they seamlesss tanks? Are the newer ones better made? I am unsure about whether I should get the bike or try and find one with newer frame, because I think the seamless tank would look alot nicer. What do you guys think about it. Any other info about the positives and negatives of the frame are appreciated as well....thx....dave
Mar 30, 2010
San Diego, Ca
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It seems as though the later aluminum-frame Felt tank bikes have no welding down the middle. My Felt Troy Lee Spray was made in 2009 and it has no welds down the middle of the tank on the top or bottom. The only welds are thick ones that hold the tank onto the frame. I have grown used to riding modern Electra cruisers, which are stretched out and have a lower center of gravity, so the only way I can ride my Felt is by using ape hangers or a laid-back seatpost. Other than that, I really enjoy riding it and the fat tank looks sick!
Oct 31, 2008
San Diego County
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Game bent is correct, the later frames do not have the top and bottom welds. If I remember correctly, Tater stated that 2009 and later aluminum frames did not have the welds, so if you like the bike and the price sounds good to you then you should get it. I believe felt only made the happy hour troy lee for about a year, then they made the red/grey one after that. So I don't think you will find the green and black without the welds.

The welds become more of a personal preference. check out some of the pics below. one way or another the welds or no welds the bikes still look good.