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    Deluxe Frankinspace

    Nice work, Eric. Those truss rods are exemplary!
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    For Sale: 1939 Shelby Traveler (reduced)

    :) Nice bike. Good luck with the sale.
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    FELT CANVAS Frame Kit *Build-a-Kustom* NEW in Box (2 remaining) $140.00

    Are they finished in white primer, or what?
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    BO15 First Ever Build Off with a postwar Hawthorne "A Diamond in Rough Shape"

    You already have lots of ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. Skills will surely follow. Just keep listening to these guys.
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    BO15 Once again.

    I thought the same thing.
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    BO15 Old English

    I'm really diggin' that frame and head badge.
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    BO15 SteamRoller - A churnin' urn of burnin' funk (QuadSpringNannerAlmostThere))

    A steamroller, baby! A churnin' urn of burnin' funk. What a start!!!!!
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    I've never messed with full suspension bikes. You have inspired me, and I plan to build a rat fully some time in the near future. I'm keeping my eyes out for a cheapie.
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    Scar is healing fine

    Love it!
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    I got the three-speed all dialed in, but with that huge chainring, it was geared too high. I put a 22 tooth cog on the wheel and now it's just right. The brown cable housing came in, so I added that and nice metal housing clips. I also added some reflective decals to the top bar and head tube...
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    ‘37 Schwinn BF Goodrich

    It's just right.
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    The Army Brat

    Looks solid and purposeful.
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    Carlton Cobra build

    That's a clean machine.
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    I tried two other chainwheel/crankset options before settling on this one, because the chain line is just right. Now it's geared way taller than I wanted. We'll see how it rides with the 3-speed Nexus; if it's not good, I have a nice big cog for the wheel. Added a front caliper brake with brown...