Trike #3 - evolution

Jun 20, 2019
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Again, starting with a 20" yard sale bike I cut the rear off and welded up a new rear and foot rests. It's a little sleeker design. Chrome springer, 20 and 12" white walls, 1300 watt/52 volt front hub motor, sprayed with a silver base coat and Roth Beaver Brown Candy. This one has twice the power of the previous ones. It will reach 25 mph and do a front wheel burnout. It's the last of the small compact design builds.
Mar 26, 2020
Norman Oklahoma
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Kewl trikes, I'm into trikes myself, wasn't always like that, till I tried my first ride on a tryke, it was odd at first, now I can now hug a curve when my tryke rides on two wheels, lol, I'm curious, where are you getting those axle covers at.