RRBBO13 The Roadmaster

I had to put the trike together a little to figure out a few things. I will get the rear frame finished but then this project will probably get put on hold due to life. I may be moving to a different state for a job so I have a lot of stuff to get done around here. I have 1.5 acres and 12 years of junk to sort out, plus finish a bathroom remodel that is only halfway done...at most. Anyway...

The trike is almost 8' long if that sort of thing matters to you. The seatpost will be lowered...will find a different seat...the chain is now about a foot too short (which is about how much I took out of it originally...the left pedal is bent...the stem is not all the way down...the forks shown are not the ones I'm using but are the same style, unless something else shows up. I still have to clean up all the welds, cut down the seatpost, triangulate the rear frame, figure out a chain guard, decide what is going on the back (cooler, wagon "bed", wood bed, metal box, ???)
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
OUch! Take care, man. And remember, you can always continue this build in the Other Builds thread under the Forums tab.

Hope you heal well and quickly!
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