SOLD Firestone (Ross) SS GTO 3speed Muscle Bike

May 10, 2013
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Hello ,my Ross Barracuda collection is over 50 now and have come up with one i can let go .This is the only one i have ever seen until my friend found another for me the other day.See they came out with girls bike in 71 and never mentioned a boys version but here it is .Came out in 72 with the Firestone badge.This was a special bike made by Ross for firestone and thats why there is no mention of a boys bike in this color. .Any way So don't need two of the same so if someone is looking for a super rare bike this is it.My passion is the barracudas for sure so if you have any questions about this bike here or one you have or now of one for sale please call or text `(440)228-0291 .Love talking Ross Barracudas.Take care Terry and Tammy

$500 shipped

Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
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Love that bike Terry! Too bad I can't use another 20". I don't think Ross made a 24" Barracuda, but that would have been awesome. I had a 26" custom in mind based on the Commander frame, but haven't found one.
Anyway, GLWS!