Show me your streched bike

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Jun 26, 2009
Dallas, GA
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Im about to build a streched lowrider and i need to see pic and ideas of all our members. i have never made a streched bike or a lowrider so help me out on this one....
Im not sure whos bike this is but i found it on google and this is the look im going for..
May 6, 2009
just a wind on the road
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here's some i've done. haven't tried putting a motor on any of them though so i don't know they'd work for you

did this one as a build off (the anything goes last december) so theres a build up here

this is one of the very first for me. reworking it into a harley bagger type bike

this is how i normally do them

here is the same bike as a 24", but i did the build up here and added measurements to make a 26" too


a stretched wcc

a stretched occ i'm still working on