Restarting a build acceptable?

Apr 30, 2018
Lake Macquarie, Australia
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Last years ambitious build didn’t go any further than tearing down the frame and relacing a wheel. The parts have been gathering dust since last year.

Is rebooting this one for this years build off OK? Out of other ideas for now and having a deadline of the Builf Off is a decent motivator for me. Happy to leave it in a ‘normal’ build thread if the consensus is that it considered as having started already and therefore a no go.
Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
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It has generally been accepted in the past that it is okay to just blow it up ( actual 'boom' :grin:) and start over. I can't imagine anyone having an issue with that.
What, no boom?
Come on! I've been waiting on caps to blow mine up since the opening...

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