Resistance Is Futile (aka MegaPixieRay)

Dec 31, 2012
Brighton, MI
Ok I was originally setting out to build a Mega sized StingRay but then I saw a picture of a Schwinn Pixie that kingfish254 had and he made a comment that they looked somewhat similar.

The starting point and the inspiration...

So instead of a Mega StingRay I give you the MegaPixieRay which is, you guessed it a mega sized StingRay influences Pixie. Also because kingfish254 liked what I was doing he sent me the Pixie frame which I also built up while building my build off bike.

So with out more babbling at the mouth here it is...

No more of the MiniPixieRay as it isn't the main event in this thread.

Watch out for those double barreled eyes as they may blast a twin hole threw you. :mrgreen: