New build! (gathering the parts, and so my watch begins!)

Jul 31, 2010
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So I don't have anything other than links to show so far, but I finally found a decent looking cruiser frame with disc that I like!

Going to add a Lunacycle BBSHD with Hot-Rod settings on this guy too, and working towards what will be the Ideal gearing in single speed mode (developing this for a rental business I plan to start in the near future, will have a good friend help me run it, and he will be the main test rider) for the ultimate durability and dependability, these bikes will also be used for deliveries!

Main thing with this, is to figure out a good way to make it easy for the average person to be able to deliver food like I do, the idea being instead of paying to work-out at a gym, rent an Ebike and MAKE money while exercising! Win-win :cool2:

Since it has a 1pc crank, and american BB, will be using this adapter:

I have a spare 52V battery for now, but eventually I will be putting a high capacity one on it, probably 17ah like this one:

Still working on mag wheels in 24 inch, haven't found many, most are going to require a min quantity, really like to get some that are semi-retro looking, maybe with flame pattern, but just anything strong and nice looking in 24 inch will work.
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