Sep 25, 2010
The 20x20 Huffy Slangshot...

I started out with the rusty carcass of a 5 speed 68? Rail. It has Coast King badge and was originally marketed as a Rail Cougar 5 but it's a Slangshot now!

The biggest cchangei made was to the fork. I was short on both 16" wheels and slingshot forks so I made the 20 inch version they should have done! It lifts the front end a little bit but not much more than from the factory. The fork started life as a blue Huffy 26" middleweight that I tried to patina match to the rest of the bike.
After that I got everything greased up and functional while carefully attempting not to unnecessarily disturb any of the leaves or spider webs.
Then I moved on to adding stuff and started with a ratty lifesaver seat and a tall sissy bar which had plenty of room for reflectors, turn signals and a local plate.
I am fortunate to have a ton of vintage cable clips so I didnt get stingy with them as I tried to tuck away as much wiring as possible.
Since the original shifter was white and everything else was faded at best, I decided to run with the off white on the cables, wires, grips, valve caps and speedo. When I was able to pick up a rusty Flaming Stack, I also decided to go with off white for the backing.
For extra ratification I also threw on the vermen tail and made my own Roth inspired un-safety flag.
I took it out for a spin and it rides and fits well. It was tough taking pictures here due to the abundance of snow but I found a little sunlight and a few well shoveled spots....


More details in the build thread...
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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
That's one crusty, crunchy, cool cat right there!
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