SOLD His & Hers 1939-1941 Elgin Tanker Projects - UPDATED 11/29/2020!!!

May 17, 2013
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I swore when I started this project I was never going to sell these - but my diabetes is kicking my butt so here we go...

His & Hers 1939-1941 (Approximate) Curved Seat-post Tanker Projects.
I was going to build them as custom board track racers with the men's bike having matching skirt guards :grin: .

The serial number on the Ladies' frame looks like 45576 - but no numbers or digits can be made out on the men's frame at all.

The handlebars are marked Torrington but are rough.
The tins have minor dings for you to tap out - or leave them for more of a beater or rat rod look.
The small bags in the photos are full of small hardware like rear wheel tensioners, chains, bearings, ect.
What you see in the photos is what you get!

If it isn't in the photos I don't have it and it's not included.

$750.00 W/ Free BikeFlights Shipping!

Box weighs 67 Pounds - 52" x 24" x 12" - Packaging is ugly but effective.

Free Local Pickup Here At The House In Bear, Delaware - Scotland Drive & Dufferin Drive Area Also Available!

Elgins 1.JPG

Elgins 2.JPG

Elgins 3.JPG

Elgins 4.JPG

Elgins 5.JPG

Elgins 6.JPG

Elgins 7.JPG

Elgins 8.JPG

Elgins 9.JPG

Elgins 10.JPG

My diabetes is getting the best of me at this point - so I will be listing ALL my Parts & Projects over the coming weeks as I have time to dig them out and get photos!

Talk Soon!
Will & Wendy,
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May 17, 2013
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Price Updated W/ Free BikeFlights Shipping!!!
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