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Discussion in 'INTROS' started by marcus84, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. marcus84


    Jun 28, 2012
    Hannover, Germany
    Hello to all you ratters and rodders. My name is Marcus, I am a college student and I'm located near Hannover. The capital of lower saxony, Germany.
    All my life has been "old school" :D My father had a 1955 beetle and a 1960 bus a long time, unfortunatly they're both gone. At the moment we have a DKW 1000 S. Don't know if you know those in the states. the follower of DKW was Audi. He took me to oldtimer meetings since I was a little kid. My grandfather always drove me to kindergarden and school with his 50s pick up bus, has been his working car (he worked as a mechanic for cooling systems) and then he used it as his private car. He also gave his two bicycles to me some day. A NSU and a Adler. Both gone, too. :cry:
    So, i always was into old school/vintage/ratty bicycles and cars (but bicycles more :D ), and finally I want to be active for myself. Happily I found this great page. Love all the bikes here. The german/european platforms are more into the big custom bikes and choppers. I respect all the energy and work and these bikes are nice to look at, but I prefer the simple stuff instead of "show'n'shine". And it's important for me that my bike is suited to daily use.

    Ok, that is me and here is my first cruiser. A Schwinn Sports cruiser. Bought it on german ebay for 80 euros, thats 100 dollars i guess. This is the bike when i picked it. Updates will follow. It will go into the classic rod direction. satin black with some red parts and some gimmicks. And sorry if my english is not the best.

  2. schwinnless


    Jun 19, 2012
    O.C. Cali. USA
    That bikes pretty cool as is!

    Like the "tankish" part.

    Oh, and welcome(im new too)

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