Hacktacular 8

Jan 12, 2013
Clearwater FL
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DMV in Illinois is too lazy and shiftless to do anything that energetic.
Here in Florida the "tax office" or dmv really doesn't care!
Case in point, kid I worked with bought a bike identical to that one posted. They let him register it with a photo copy title....(highly illegal) and it was stolen, but no mention if that!
So he gets in a road incident, police check his bike, grand theft larceny was his charge...possession of Mary Jane, and no operator permit!!! Guy sat in jail almost a month!
Gets out and learns the company fired him for no driver's license as it was suspended. From $24 @ hour back to helper wages, $16 @ hour....
Plus he is still on the hook for the stolen motorcycle, guy he bought it from caught Amnesia and didn't remember selling it or owning it....
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