got it for $20 dollars

May 16, 2007
Gladstone Mo.
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Hello All…
Well I went to the ACME swap meet Saturday…
Didn’t find a good frame for the build off…
But I did get some good parts for this frame I found…
A March of 1974 Schwinn frame…
A 35 year old unbuilt 26 inch Schwinn cantilever frame…

I couldn’t believe it…
How could this frame sit for that long!!!
I stopped by Peddler’s to have the nos kickstand installed…

And BicycleRick seemed to think it was a warranty frame…
I would have to guess the same…

The bearing cups show no ware…

Not a scratch on the drop outs or the seatpost…

There are a few scratches and a little shopware…
My conscience kicked in and I don’t know if she would be better,,,
Hanging on the wall…
Built up with the right set of parts…
I keep thinking it will only be new once…



Dec 4, 2006
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Build it up as a 5 speed cruiser and sell it for $$$$$ on ebay. Sweet find. That red is one of my favorite Schwinn colors. It looks deep.
Oct 26, 2008
yreka, "state of jefferson"
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dang, ive never seen bb bearing shells that clean unless they were new. hard to believe that bike never got built up, but that sure is what it looks like. id build it up nice, ride or flip it. to hang on the wall seems like a waste of a good bike.
Aug 2, 2008
Grain Valley, MO
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that thing is definately cool mike. i cant believe you stole it for $20!! makes me wish i wouldve asked about it sooner! i say hang that puppy on the wall!!!

Easy E
Nov 18, 2006
Mesa, AZ.
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You are correct, Sep. of 77. The Schwinn dealer I use to frequent as a lad had many Schwinn decals in the case for sale.Full sheets for all models or singles, I remember seeing that one but was never really curious as to what it was for. A tall unicycle makes sense!Is your frame a Heavy or Middleweight frame? Hows about yours too there PT Mike? Heavy or Mddleweight? Either way, a no brainer @ $20.00! :wink: Later & PEACE!!!
Apr 25, 2007
Ann Arbor/Detroit MI
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My Sept. '78 Typhoon as I bought it (more than $20)

After I changed it up & rode it about 100 miles

These days, it's back to stock, excepting the apes, Italian headlight & an incorrect spare wheel on the front...
I love the Schwinn cantilever frame--one of the all time great American designs.
Apr 25, 2007
Ann Arbor/Detroit MI
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bikeriderx said:
Sweet bike emanon! Is that a Schwinn springer?
Thanks, I like it too.... :wink:
The springer is a generic ebay bargain & it came with of the stems happened to be painted a nearly matching red, so I used it. The pivot point is all the way back, instead of in the middle, so it gives the bike a different rake. I'm planning on using that springer on my buildoff bike & maybe those apes, too.
Apr 20, 2009
May 16, 2011
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That's cool. What I can't get over is how GOOD these Schwinn's RIDE! Even with my laid-back seat...this bike cruises sooo smooth! By the way..."Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" is one of my all time favorite Pink Floyd discs... 8)