Girvin fork..

Jul 25, 2009
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.How did you make the headset work. I've got 3 Felt Cruisers I can't finish until I get it right. Thank you - Gig
the Porucho was 1 1/8" so it was no problem. With the Schwinn I was lucky enough to score an earlier 1" headset version of the fork. I have also used the 1 1/8" fork in a 1 inch frame with a headset made by Genuine Bicycle . here's the link... and this shows how to install it.
Jul 17, 2009
Pagosa Springs CO
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Is it just a spring or is there some kind of shock absorber?
Many used a full coil spring shock absorber with hydraulic damping, some used a simple elastomer. There's even an air spring option available through Risse Racing.

While performance is subjective, I am of the opinion that these were great forks, but the design limited travel and was surpassed by telescopic shocks. They're simple, low maintenance, rebuildable and definitely have a love/hate look about them. I love them and have two, one with an electronic "Smart Shock" option that by most accounts actually works.