Custom Thomson bar ends (black)

Jan 20, 2013
San Diego
Rating - 100%
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What's that? Thomson doesn't make bar ends? Why yes, you are correct... but I do. Turned down form brand new stem caps, These are the perfect match to that Thomson cockpit. These are sized for standard 4130 bars (with a centering step about 1mm tall), but I can reduce them for aluminum bars by request.

My cost on these is about $18 for materials, toss in a few duckets for shipping and fees to you-know-who, and $10 for my beer fund and you get these beauties shipped to you for the low low price of $35. INTL pays actual shipping.


Check out my listings in the forum if you want to combine these with any of my custom extensions. And yes, I can turn down your favorite stem caps to match your bike if you like for $15 (shipped) plus the cost of the caps (or you supply them).