2019 Tour de Farce

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    Sep 17, 2013
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    Ok, I'm opening up the 2019 Tour de Farce to all comers. It will be in the spring 2019, after snow melt. That will be the 50th anniversary and the last one. No one cares but me as I started it and everyone originally involved is dispersed, shot dead in wars, scattered to the winds, lost track of or a dead veteran from life in general. It will be in the Western Unit of the Hiawatha National Forrest. 45 miles of dirt. Using the Polar Roll and the Marji as examples, for U.P. distances, count on more. All dirt or gravel, party during and to follow. Escape routs for wimps, picnic breaks and T shirts. To get a shirt you have to be the youngest, first place, king of the hill to the top of the highest point in our three county ride or sprint champ. Men and women classes All places to be determined by Monte Carlo Diffusion Methodology or who cares, (a dice roll will win a shirt, but you can have two). Last year 3 rode and 2 finished. What a bunch of whiners, "too hard, too rough, trails that weren't trails, too much sand, too many hills, I would rather ride on the road and get run over than tackle another one of your sand hills, blah blah blah". Rally, not that hard, they were not into cross country mountain biking. All wimps welcome with many places to take a paved road back to our bucolic cabin on the lake. By the way, I'm a wimp and can only do 35 miles of this. If anyone wants to ride 35 or more miles of gravel, sand, two track and single track, let me know and we will hook you up for the last Tout de Farce.
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