Jan 2, 2012
After getting a nudge from OddJob,I spent all day welding and chopping.
I first started with this frame,in the end I just wanted the rear end.

I started by chopping off the rear drop outs. I need to extend them by 3cm in the end I think I added a extra 5cm. The frame was for a 24" but I did notice that it also fitted normal 26" wheels, just not ones running on 3" tires.

Oh yes I did.
I found this scrap trolly and I knew the metal would come in handy.

Spent all day trying to line up the rear wheel,then understood nothing on the red frame was straight from the start.

Another scrap bike,that has donated a bit of itself. And a part off another.

Here is a few mocks,everything is taped together with tape...
With the green tank shell.

with the round simpson tank.

with out,
just throwing around ideas,getting the measurments set up.
I want the bike to be tall as I hate riding squashed,and the saddle will be in fixed position. So it has to be all set up...
The red tank was the original tank I was going to build with last year,but now I will make a fiberglass one.

I certainly would win the award for Frankensteining a bike.
All together so far are 6 different parts from bikes and 1 trolly.:D
Jan 2, 2012
For some reason I like the red tank (not sure why) but I'm more interested in seeing your fiberglass tank!
Red tank is nice but bulky. Will see how I get on.I also have to make some thing at the back. I enjoy the fiberglassing,just not the sanding.
Also the red tank gives me the height that I want. The seat should stan at 100cm off the ground, I need 87cm from pedal to seat going on my daily rider.
The bike will be a little supersized.
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Jan 2, 2012
I have been trying to find time to get this frame done.My 2 day off turned into 1...
At the last minute I decided to change the tubing style.
I thought better to do a version of my own design .
Then I remembered why I had used the round in the first place. DOH!!!:headbang:(That was to keep the frame light as possible...)

I started by chopping up this.

To get to this

I need to have at least this frame welded and grinded by Monday.
Was expecting more days off.
And welding in this heat is crazy...
So if the frame is not done by end of next week?
I did start shaping part of the tank.
Maybe I can get all that ready,fenders etc(the small stuff)
I need a whole day or 2 for the frame and bits for the frame...

Not to sure on the middle bar yet, but 90% chance it will go.
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Jan 2, 2012
Running a bit behind... But here are some updates...
I quit with the frame and started working on the lower part of the tank.
I used building foam wrapped in foil and then just tape.

The under part shaped so the bar sits inside neat.


Another donar went into this build.

Chop chop chop.

A little mock. Tested for height,looks like a winner. Seat is slightly back.
Could be moved forward.

The frame is sitting straight and all tacked up...
Today will be spent welding and grinding.
I believe at this point the prince bar will come out...
A. just extra weight
B. I can put 2x h20(or beer) bottle racks, in that space.
OR maybe some sort of tool canister/money holder.
I often cycle without pockets,so need something for phone and coinage.

A shot without the prince middle bar

:39: with or without.
I feel a tune in my head..,
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
The top tube with tank is a bit 'lost' in the photo, but I think once you have that all painted up and tied together, you will have the look.
Dig the sweet whitewalls too! WeLd oN~!
Jan 23, 2011
You Kwazy Wratter!! This bike is killer. Loving those forks and tires. I'm watching...GTB!! Peace

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