1. 1968 Sears  3-speed

    1968 Sears 3-speed

    Austrian Made Sears 3-speed Bicycle I bought at a swap meet. Pedals very smooth, has new tires and tubes.
  2. A

    What bike is this??

    Hi everyone, i want to start this off by saying I am not a bike collector or a professional at all, and therefore I apologize for anything I get wrong or label wrong. I got this bike at an estate sale for dirt cheap and I’m just curious to know what it is and/or what the value is. It has...
  3. Miranda

    ID on AMF Hawthorne. 40's-60's?

    Hello! Thank you for adding me to the page. I have a AMF Hawthorne Cruiser that I have been told is between 1940's and 1960's. I know the Star crank makes it worth more, but is it original? The only thing not original on the bike is the seat. It also has an old, metal liscense plate wrapped...