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    Last bike find of the year! 1965 Rudge 3 speed

    Had to make an 8 hr round trip on Dec 28, but totally worth the time! Beautiful vintage 65 Rudge in taller 23” frame size and near pristine stainless steel rims. These were considered the top of the line British bikes of the time. The iconic “open hand” logo is strikingly cut into the chainring...
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    Vintage Phillips

    I would say late 40’s early 50’s, too. Later Phillips with rod brakes had a stirrup looking fulcrum at the top of the down tube that had attachment points on both sides. Earlier ones had the attachment point only on the non-drive wide. I have a 62 Phillips project bike (front fender coming) that...
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    Show us your Vintage Raleighs!

    My latest barn find project, a 1970 23" Dunelt. Everything is there and salvageable. Tear down and cleanup, bearings serviced, new tires and tubes and she should be ready for some riding!
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    Show us your Vintage Raleighs!

    I've been bitten by the Raleigh Roadster bug pretty bad. Here's my stable: First pic-left to right, 1956 Gazelle, 1971 Tourist Dl-1 Rod brake, 1974 Jack and Jill matched Tourist Dl-1 (followed by close ups) Last pic is a 1953 mens Hercules Churchill Deluxe and 1954 ladies Hercules Churchill...
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    Show us your Vintage Raleighs!

    I'm not home, but will be happy to post pictures of the rod brakes and light when I get home tomorrow.
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    Show us your Vintage Raleighs!

    Not a bike shop sticker but a bicycle license sticker for The Villge of Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago-undated so no idea when license would have been issued
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    Show us your Vintage Raleighs!

    Picked this super clean 1970 Raleigh DL1 at the Hurricane Coaster show and swap last Sat: SA 3 speed hub, 24” frame, 28” wheels, rod brakes, Prestube rack, Elite headlamp, original aluminum pump-great rider!!
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    S-W Cadet Speedometer-nice head unit but cable broken *now $40*

    Nice and clean head unit. Almost perfect unscratched plastic lens. Think these date to late 50’s-early 60’s. Cable drive tip broken off but speedo works if you put broken tip in back of speedo and spin. The hub unit is complete but tab you bend into spokes is almost broken off. $40 shipped...
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    Prewar Silver Chainguard $40 shipped

    Nice reasonably straight prewar chainguard. The hex nuts have been replaced with proper 4 sided nuts.
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    SOLD Schwinn Deluxe Pedals (repop) $75 shipped

    These look NOS but came off a restored 1950 D19, so I’ll call them excellent used condition. Still have flashing on rubber pedal blocks but there is some degradation on the edges. These repo pedals were used on the anniversary Phantoms. $75 shipped. PayPal F&F
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    TRM Convertible Tank Registry

    To help celebrate yet another excellent Jim Henderson win in this year’s build-off, I’m starting a post to show off your TRM convertible tank builds. Here is mine. Started with a 36 girls Colson. Kept the brown patina pretty much unmolested. Bought the tank from TRM during a Christmas special...
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    REDUCED 1964 Columbia Firebolt Rat Bike $425 + $80 shipping

    On vacation in Myrtle Beach enjoying riding this bike. This is a great beach cruiser!! Feeling good, so dropping another $25 to $400 + $80 shipping
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    REDUCED 1964 Columbia Firebolt Rat Bike $425 + $80 shipping

    Willing to drive within 100 mi radius of Charlotte to meet or deliver if this would help find a new owner for this cool rat.
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    REDUCED 1964 Columbia Firebolt Rat Bike $425 + $80 shipping

    New owner-maybe you? Bump