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    CNY vintage ride

    Tell me more! I'm about 20 miles away. Fred
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    Glad to be able to help!
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    Wheel Discs anyone?

    Thanks! Fred
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    Wheel Discs anyone?

    Does anyone know of a source for (inexpensive/ affordable ) wheel discs? A few years ago there was a member making and selling them I believe they were called "Deko Discs", but he's since stopped. Fred
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    Home Made Wooden Fenders

    Nice job! I like the struts under better
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    1930's Elgin

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    1930's Elgin

    Up for sale: 30's Elgin. I've enjoyed this one for a while and I'm ready to pass it on $300 plus shipping- located in central New York, offers will be considered: Frame is powder coated in a copper/textured style that is pretty durable; may be a few small scratches Tires: 26 X 2.35 Schwalbe Fat...
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    TRM Convertible Tank Registry

    Beautiful bike, great job!
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    REDUCED Colson board track

    That bike looks fast just sitting there. Great job!
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    SOLD Free for the cost of shipping:Two new vintage style 29" frames

    Looking great! Always nice to see what guys can do! What are the tires?
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    Swing Bike Builder?

    Does anyone know how to contact "Bike Builder"? A couple of years ago he built a bunch of swing bike kits and listed them in the For Sale forum. I PM'd him a while ago with no response.
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    Weather Report

    Love that picture! We had 2.5 inches of rain this morning in less that an hour. Close to 29 inches since May 1st. (central New York)
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    "I can take use your old, unwanted bikes..."

    Must be a REALLY clean garage! Fred
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