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    Post Your Final Thoughts

    I want to apologize because my initial comments where commented on the Build Off apparently should have been in a separate thread somewhere. I was just pointing out some food for thought for the future build off. Zero hate, I loved all the bikes, but I do think it would be nice to have an area...
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    Post Your Final Thoughts

    Don’t be so dramatic. You’ll be back!
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    Post Your Final Thoughts

    There were some amazing rides this year. However, I've talked to several builders and I wouldn't be doing my due diligence as a member if i didn't make few comments. 1. I said this last year but I think there should be some sort of voting cap. I personally was a fan of 30+ bikes but only...
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    Pimp my 'Slater'

    I hate to be a hater, this is a killer bike but I'm not a fan of the fact that every single photo was uploaded the day before the deadline. Seems to be against the spirit of the comp when other guys have been updating their build threads for months. If this still falls under the parameters of...
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    Swamp Thing

    I feel like Swamp Thing and The Dead End Kid could be distant cousins!
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    Swamp Thing

    I was already a big fan of this bike but you just went next level with the green glow!!!
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    Olive Oil

    I totally agree. This is a killer bike either way but I do think it’s a class 2 only because it’s not a factory style frame like the class 1 perimeters call for. I totally get that he didn’t do the work himself but any of us could just go buy some Frankenstein frame in the future just as long as...
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    Western Sizzler X-53 Blue Light Special - More pics and Video

    I’m blown away by this color combo. I absolutely love it!
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    Murray MX frame.

    Night and day difference! I love the tire and wheel combo for this. That thing looks ready to shred!
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    1977 Schwinn Spitfire Blue Search

    Hey Everyone, Recently I acquired a 77 Schwinn Spitfire. It was bright red but you could tell that it had hints of blue under it. When I checked the bike history site that year they only came in Black, Flamboyant Red, and Sky Blue. I’d love to take it back to a near original color so I’ve...
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    What I’m looking for is a gallery and voting booth containing the top 5 finishers in each of the 13 build offs. So a 65 bike list where people vote one which if the 65 bikes was the best ever built up to this point. One builder could theoretically have a bike in there 13 times. But it’s about...
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    KJV showed up and surprised me with this killer shirt with a pic of my bike on it! Pretty awesome way to commemorate my very first bike build!
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    I was talking about bikes not builders. Maybe some builders have won more than once but my thought was for people to pick their top bike from all the build offs. Of the 13 winning bikes which is the one that members think is the best of all time. It would be super hard to pick.
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    No idea how difficult this would be or how accessible the info would be but I think it would be cool in honor of lucky build off 13 that maybe we could go back and take past winners or say the top 5 from each of the previous build offs and do a vote for an “All Time Greatest” list or a Top 10...