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    20inch boys bike?? What is it?

    I am the one who posted the bike on Craigslist. I can't find any info on it. It does have a 3 piece crank and a Centrix JRB 602 rear hub made in West Germany. The serial numbers on the bottom bracket are 320 820 and 51445600, I can't see any letters in the serial number without stripping the...
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    It's not a Schwinn but this is built like a tank.
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    I finally broke down and bought a Worksman LGB.
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    Please help me I.D. These Bikes

    The green bike has 20" wheels and the blue one has 12" wheels and skiptooth chain Thanks for any help!!!
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    Mike Rowe has the right idea...

    Thanks for posting this Prosparky. I became an aircraft mechanic at age 20 and I am 42 years old now. There were a lot of older mechanics that would help teach you the trade when I was starting out. Now I am one of the younger guys at work. There is nobody to pass the information and...
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    Pedro goes to the Worksman Cycles Factory in Ozone Park, NY!

    The Rat Rod bike is $499. Here is the link to it on the worksman site. Scroll down until you see it. ... isers.html
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    Ok I did a good deed..

    You made the right decision. Now you can spread the word around town that any pink Worksman bikes for sale are probably stolen. Worksman has a picture of all the pink bikes you are talking about locked up posted in their gallery pages
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    a haul for the kids

    I think it's time for a new category in the "gallery by mfg. or style" section. We will call it "Rat Rod Prosthetics". Leave the rust but spray some flat black, red wheels, and whitewalls. Seriously though, Great job on getting the bikes going for the kids.
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    Who Else Is Fighting Smart Meters?

    I not saying I am a fan of PG&E, The Dems, or Repubs, but the bill for Smart Meters in California passed on July 20, 2006 when there was a Republican President and a Republican Govorner. Obama wasn't on the scene yet.
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    Finally got my Grandpas Schwinn

    The Beugler pinstriping tool works well for these stripes
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    Sandblasting Kit siphon style... anyone use one?

    I got rid of it about 10 years ago!
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    Sandblasting Kit siphon style... anyone use one?

    I had one similar to it. I used it once and never used it again. It makes a huge mess. You will have to run the sand through a strainer to re-use it. You will also be sandblasing yourself as you are blasting your part. It may work better if you build a cabinet to contain the sand and blast your...
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    Love Gun

    Call Gene Simmons NOW! He will market this and you will make millions. NICE JOB!
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    Dyno Bike pics

    I was talking to Von Franco at a hot rod show and he said he was screwed out of over $20,000 when the GT/Dyno bankruptcy happened and he will never do another bike company deal again( I hope he reconsiders). There was another Dyno designer that moved over to Nirve at that time (then came the...
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    Palo Alto California

    This is not my neighborhood any more but I snapped these on a recent trip to Palo Alto, California.