About a month ago I was on Facebook scanning through the hundreds of bike related posts that pop up in my feed on a daily basis and one particular image caught my eye. Someone had posted a photo of a local bike shop that they support and hanging on the back wall were a couple of bikes that I had not seen before. My immediate thought was…WHOA!…now there’s some cool looking bikes! I had to zoom way in to see the branding on the bikes and all I could make out was the word “Steady.”

After performing a quick search, I found the Steady Bicycle Company website and upon seeing their selection of vintage board track inspired bikes, I knew I had to find out more about this company.

I decided to send an email off to their customer service address and within a day or so I heard back from the company founder and owner Chris Smith. Chris is a great guy with a real heart for bikes. He started the company in Oceanside, CA back in 2012 and he’s a big history aficionado as well as a fan of many aspects of the vintage bicycle, motorcycle and hot rod culture.

When I asked Chris about the motivation and focus behind his company he said…

“Being tired of seeing so few new, authentically disciplined brands delivering a high quality product for a reasonable price point, we wanted to bring something truly special to the bicycle community. With “Historic Americana” pumping through the veins of our brand to the Old Fashioned Quality that is really behind our bikes, we wanted to give customers a bicycle and a bicycle brand they could truly be proud of.

Chris ended up sending me two of his best bikes to ride and review…the Steady Bistro Racer 5 Speed and the Steady Classic Cruiser 2 Speed. A few weeks later, both bikes arrived and I couldn’t wait to get them out of the box and on the road.

Steady Bistro Racer 5 Speed

While both bikes are very nice cruisers, the Bistro Racer 5 speed definitely has the wow factor going for it. When you first see those 28″ red anodized alloy wheels wrapped in cream colored balloon tires and that vintage girder fork, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been transported back to the 1920s. It’s truly a work of art!

This model is a twin tube steel framed bike with a beautiful leather springer saddle and cafe style bars with matching grips. In spite of its classic looks, mechanically it’s a modern day cruiser boasting a Sturmey Archer 5 speed internally geared hub and a seriously cool center drop stand.

The bike is very fun to ride. The larger wheels and 5 speed allow you to glide right along comfortably. On my first test ride I had a couple of folks tell me how cool they thought the bike was. It may not be the best for long distance riding, but for quick cruises around town or the bike path, it’s a great bike to ride.

The Steady Bistro Racer 5 speed sells for $649.00 USD which is on point with other high quality multi speed cruisers in the market today.

Steady Classic Cruiser

The other bike that Chris sent me was their Steady Classic Cruiser. Another steel framed beauty, this model sports a matte olive green finish with a brown comfort saddle, brown grips and cream colored balloon tires. The frame on this bike is nice and large, but can still accommodate just about any sized adult rider.

The version I received was a 2 speed model which is made possible by a Sturmey Archer T-SC2 Kickback coaster brake hub. When you ride, you just have to kick the pedal back as if you are braking to shift between high and low gear. It’s a pretty simple set up that takes a little getting used to, but some folks will appreciate the ability to have 2 speeds available without any cables or hand shifters involved.

Between the two bikes, for me the Steady Classic is the more comfortable ride. It’s a very nimble cruiser that you could easily ride longer distances on. The saddle is comfortable and the geometry of the bike gives you a nice upright riding position that just about anyone can enjoy.

The Steady Classic Cruiser 2 speed model retails for $489.00 and if you feel like you’re good with only one speed you can grab a single speed model for only $429.00.

A Brand to Watch!

I was happy to stumble upon such a cool new bike company with a heart for vintage style and attention to quality and detail. Knowing that the owner wants to influence the bike industry and provide such a great product makes me love the company even more. Chris has some big plans for this brand and his passion will definitely drive the product line and innovation. If you are in the market for a really nice cruiser, you owe it to yourself to check out Steady Bicycle Company’s line up!

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