We had a great build off again this year and as always there was quite a variety of bikes entered into the final voting. Everything from choppers, stretches, muscle bikes and even an electric powered cruiser that made everyone take a second look. None stood out as strong as Chris Steiner’s incredible hand built Art-Deco inspired “L’Angelo di Ferro.”

L'Angelo di Ferro

Chris is from Maine and is a woodworker for a custom boat manufacturer. It’s easy to see how his woodworking skills kept him from being afraid of getting his hands dirty. After reading through his build journal there was a lot of learning going on throughout the project and being able to design and pull off the fork on the bike was no small feat. His fellow forum members were always excited to see the next milestone being posted.

L'Angelo di Ferro

What started off as a simple sketch on paper eventually turned into a rolling masterpiece, sculpted from metal, looking like something straight out of the 1930’s. If you’ve ever worked with these materials, then you know that Chris made this look a lot easier than it really is. Most of us couldn’t even bend tubing correctly, let alone hand fabricate a functional suspension east post like no other we’ve ever seen.

Well, that’s enough jabbering from us….we’ll let the photos do the talking…

L'Angelo di Ferro

L'Angelo di Ferro

L'Angelo di Ferro

By the way…Chris built this bike in his home shop!

L'Angelo di Ferro

And one last shot….we couldn’t resist posting a photo of last year’s build off winner Jim Henderson’s custom trophy that he built for Chris. We love the level of creativity and camaraderie that takes place in the forum each year during these build offs!

L'Angelo di Ferro

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  1. Jim Henderson

    We’ve got the art deco movement on a roll! Great job Chris!

  2. John O'Donnell


    This is a beautiful work of bike art on so many levels.
    You designed and built it from the ground up. You adventurously tried new craft on the fly. Your documentation is superb and you photographed it in an evocative way. Plus, it can be ridden…fast. All this under the watchful eye of a very cool dog.

    Bravo bro.


  3. David cooksey

    I love it and feel inspired..

  4. Mike Redinger (Bike Bum)

    Chris, I watched this build from the start and it amazed me every time you posted new progress. I like how you showed the progress of the suspended seat. You design, build, test and realize it didn’t work so you went back to the drawing board and started over. That’s the mind of an engineer/designer that won’t except defeat. Congrats on first place! I knew you going to win weeks before you finished. Oh yeah, Jim, The Renaissance Man, built you a beautiful trophy. Knowing his talents, that’s a huge compliment.

  5. Miguel

    Nothing short of genius!

  6. rat crate orange

    very nice curves. its a finely crafted work of art that deserves to be seen in public as i’m sure pictures on the net don’t do it justice. very good craftsmenship on the build. congrats on first prize. well done!

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