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  • Pulled this 100th Anniversary Schwinn Black Phantom from the original box today. Still hasn’t been ridden yet...25 year old tires are dry as a bone.
  • Michael Palmer’s 37 Silver King Wingbar 😍
  • Submitted by David Emerson
  • Submitted by Mark Allard
  • The April 1964 DeLuxe Schwinn Sting-Ray survivor in Radiant Coppertone. 😎
  • Picked up a very clean early 90s Powerlite P28 today with a set of mint single pinch Redline cranks.
  • Early morning East Texas pick up
  • Picked up a coppertone April 1964 Schwinn DeLuxe Sting-Ray today. All original down to to Schwinn tires.
  • This weekend’s find...a 1981 Mongoose Freemag in 100% original condition. Original owner kept it stored all of these years.

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