Sep 6, 2006
La Porte,Indiana
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Had a yard sale today and I put out a 70's mens Speedster for 40, a '64 ladies traveler for 40 and 20" girls Wallyworld for 15 . The wife said I should put 1 or 2 customs out to draw folks in.

So I put the Militant out with a 150.00 tag on it, thinking noone would spend that at a yardsale.
Well a kid checked it out and left. Hour or 2 later he comes back and asks to ride it. No prob.
As soon as he got on, he was obviously happy! Came back, pulled out a 100 and a 50 and loaded it up and left! His Dad said "He loves it!!!" as they left!!Also sold the Traveler for 25 and the wallyworld for 10 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: