Mar 26, 2012
Fairless Hills, PA
I have another prize to throw in the pot. I picked this up at a local hobby store stripped the bright red paint off and rustified it. It will go to the rusty bike I like best. It is 1/12 scale and would make a nice Christmas ornament or just set it on a shelf. I have a little bit more to do to it. The tires are too shiny.

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Jan 2, 2012
So I said I would throw a prize in the pot.When I was looking for things for the Indian .
I came across some great cast iron bottle openers on Ebay.
Some are repo's,and some are vintage(used).
Here are a few designs.
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
I will let the winner choose what they want.
Go to ebay and punch in cast iron bottle opener and have a look.
Value is up to $20.00(has to include the shipping) ....
The prize is for best doodads....

And the winner is: drumroll please....
SUPER-SONIC. by @Big Ape:
There are so many doodads on that spaceship,I doubt it would be able to lift off the ground.:rofl:
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