Winner Badge...

Hi All,

In case you didn’t see it in the ‘MBBO 2018 ART’ thread, I intend to make winners badges for both classes of the MBBO.

Here’s a photoshop mockup of what they’ll look like…

They are 55mm diameter button badges and will be sent to the winner of each class.

Good luck to all who make the finish line.


Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Up here we call that 'tongue in cheek'....:grin:
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The winners badges were sent today.

Class 1 to @JNOACK
Class 2 to @kram

Hopefully they will get to the recipients ok, but with our postal service, it might take a week or two.

Congratulations on your wins guys.

See you in the next build off.