Where's the action?

Jan 10, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
I popped my build off cherry last winter in the anything-goes BO with my 24" Hollywood muscle bike. Had I known the MBBO was coming I might have saved it. :) I tend do car stuff in the summer and bikes in the winter; I have a 2006 Jaguar and '68 Stingray waiting in the wings for those long midwest winter nights. I'll try to be more active then but this BO just didn't jive with anything I had going!
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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
A little bit of it is motivation.
Neither of the builds I have going are in my wheel house, and the one I haven't started doesn't really fit the category. It will get built at some point but do I want to cut it up and rush it into a build off I'm not feelin'?
I'm also having a lot of remodeling work suck up my time so that I'm weary at the end of the day. I also picked up a part time job repairing guitars. So a lot of it is time. What was that third leg? Oh yeah cash. I'm always squeaking by so although I'd love to find a shifter for Ratimus, plan B is make do with what I have. I'm also missing Luke. I hope he's ok.

Sep 7, 2014
Columbus OH
I should also mention, that for the longest time I thought MBBO stood for Mountain Bike Build Off and not Muscle Bike. Since I'm not a mountain bike person, I never checked in on this build off. Note to self, I'm an idiot!
I always think that even after knowing that it's not.:21:
Well that explains everything...:p
Jan 23, 2015
Mesa Arizona
Stop I'm going to :20: . Facebutt isn't killing builds for me my job is don"t know about other people but I've gone from about 35 hours to 60 hours a week over the last 3 or 4 years. I'm not A fan of Facebutting maybe because old and not much of a hipster.
Aug 26, 2016
It's just a busy year I guess. I'm back to work and have a little baby at home. Bike building time has been very precious. I started 3 builds and I think I will get 2 done! Just haven't had as much time to post. I'm aiming for the deadline.
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Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area
I too have been extra busy with work this year. I changed industries in my job and have been working on a project that keeps me moving.

About the time MBBO started this year I broke my off road bomber. So I built one back up from two bikes, but have only ridden it once offroad since putting it together.

A couple weeks ago I thought I might try to pull something together, but ended up breaking a seat stay before I got started.

So, I figure winter build of some sort will be coming soon....

Building..... Riding.....