(WBO) Columbia Thunderbolt

Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
Thanks to GuitarCarl suggestion of table clamping the fork, I got 5 degrees of bend out of fork!
GuitarCarl comment "NO NO NO. If you're gonna try to fix it, you need to use a controlled amount of pressure... You have a nice big C-clamp? Nice thick table top/ workbench top? Put blocking under the tube, up by the threads and under the forks about 6-8 inches up, with the forks lying down facing up. Put a C-clamp on the fork at the crown and under your bench top, then apply pressure by cranking the clamp tighter... nice and easy. It will move, no heat, no brute force. (no slamming into trees...) "

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WOW! You got that before I edited it out...
Seemed too complicated for words...
but I'm glad it worked for you, it's really how I would have done it.

Apr 1, 2014
Glad you got it fixed. Too much ice to get a good head of steam impact into the garage anyways! :headbang: Looks like your original paint was candy apple red metallic.:)
Jan 7, 2015
Upper Michigan

Friday got the frame stripped down to the native candy red paint. I guess I will put on extend rust converted and see how it looks before spraying.

I have some cast iron engine paint to spray with. Engine paint is known to be very. Just give enough time to harden before putting the bike back together.

Sunday was frame prep day. The from fort had to be p grind to had the new rim. The back wheel fits good. No sketching of the frame to fit the new 3 speed hub.

With the behind we now back to frame prep and paint.

[i am hoping a add a shifter much like they used a hundred years ago.

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