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Got this locally here for $15. No idea what model it is. It has tear drop cutouts in the sprocket, maybe AMF, Cleveland? Headbade is missing. 24 inch tires. Needs complete overhaul. Good summer project! Anyone have any idea of the make/timeframe of this old girl? Thanks!!

All torn down and ready for sandblasting. Took about 4 hours of labor and a lot of PB Blaster to get all the rusted nuts and bolts off!

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Feb 21, 2012
South Carolina
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Really cool and a great score. Sorta looks like an older Trailmate but I dont think it is. Enjoy it. I certainly would. Here is my 15.00 Sears project.

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Apr 24, 2013
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Your 3 wheeler is made roughly in 66-1975 should have a 3 speed sturmey archer. Might be a department store 3 wheeler under Murray,Sears or close to it. Nice Score! Does it have the Sturmey twist grip on the handlebars?
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