SOLD Vintage Schwinn Scrambler Project!

May 17, 2013
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Here we have a Vintage Schwinn Scrambler Project!

I have to make a special note about the seat post here!
It's a solid bar that was originally an axle from a 1940's Pushmobile Derby Cart - IT WILL NOT BEND!!!
I bent ALOT of seatposts before hammering this one into the frame back in the early 1980's...
... and Dad kicked my but for using his axle for this!

I SERIOUSLY DOUBT you will get this seatpost out of the frame unless you soak it with penetrating oil like PB Blaster for a few weeks and take a large pipe wrench to it!
If you are tall (I'm 6' 1" and it's still a comfortable height for me) you will be fine...
... and if you're shorter you'll want to take the seat off and cut the seat end of the post to adjust the height to fit you!

With this tall of a seatpost the bike was a "wheelie king"!!!
I used to be able to ride a wheelie the whole 6 miles from Blackbird to Smyrna or the 8 mile trip from Blackbird to Middletown!

For the life of me I can't remember why I took the handlebars off but you'll have to find a different set.
If I remember correctly there's something wrong with the rear hub so plan on rebuilding it or replacing the back wheel too.

Schwinn 1.JPG

Schwinn 2.JPG

Schwinn 3.JPG

Schwinn 4.JPG

I'm being forced to move into an apartment with short notice so come get this quick!

Much more to list as time permits!


Located approx 1 mile from Fox Run Shopping Center, Scotland Drive & Dufferin Drive Area.

Talk Soon!
Will, N3YH
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