Jun 13, 2019
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Just picked up this early 80's 18" Shogun Prairie Breaker II for a song a couple of weeks ago. Araya 26x1.75, Suzie hubs, bear traps, slingshot stem, SR crank. Needs a good cleaning. And some small parts replaced for cosmetic reasons. And a layback seatpost. Destined to become a single speed. Wish it was blue.

Front wheel is temporarily borrowed off of my parts donor bike. A looks to be barely ridden 21" 86 Schwinn Sierra, with same rims but Joytech high flange hubs, that'll probably be stripped to the frame within a couple of weeks as it just doesn't fit me. Except for some closet dings and dry rotted original tires, it looks brand new.

Also just got a very similar 17" Raleigh M-40 for a shop bike. It's a little newer with combined indexed thumb shifter and brake levers, Vuelta Strong Rims and Shimano Hubs.
It'll probably get new deraileurs and maybe cassette from the Schwinn. And possibly a direct drive weedeater motor.
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Feb 9, 2019
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Still the biggest game-changer bicycle I've ever ridden, Y2K Edge Cycles Peach singlespeed, fabbed at Black Sheep in Fort Collins, CO. The Edge XL hardtail frames were designed to fit me and I still have a copy of the original blueprint that some Peachy dude named Chet gave me. No corners were cut on the build. The frame died after giving up years of regular use and even being my primary ride for one whole Summer/Fall of 5-6 days a week of riding Colorado's finest trails.
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Jul 21, 2020
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Hey gang, check out this curb find from a few weeks back. My late night deep diving into what direction to take this thing led me to your site. Should I be introducing myself somewhere?

This is a 1987 Miyata Terra Runner. It's too far gone to be brought back to OG beauty, so I think it's a perfect candidate for being rat rodded into a wild weekender. I've already secured some tan wall Panaracer Dirt Kings, a black Hite Rite, Kool Stops, and an Avocet Touring saddle. It needs Ourys, some exciting coloured housing, chain, and cassette. Headset and both hubs will need attention, and I have't pulled the cranks off to assess the bb, but I will assume it's shot.

Other notables: Front and rear brakes don't match, fronts are Exage, rears are XT. Front wheel looks aftermarket, but is still nice, Ukai rim on unknown hub. Rear wheel looks stock, hub has that rectangular diagonally placed 'sealed mechanism' sticker. Oh, and the grips are OG and the ends aren't punched out. Score!

Can anyone talk me into or out of spending the money on an NOS 600 ES 14-28 freewheel? I'd like to hear some arguments for spending 10x the money. I'm tempted to give it a spin with the original as it doesn't look TOO bad......
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