Aug 23, 2017
southern Alberta
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I guess mine classifies as Vintage, Mongoose IBOC, I've had it since new
I didn't ride for a lot of years, since I was walking the dog an hour a day, then I figured she can come for rides too.

Jun 13, 2019
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Just picked up this early 80's 18" Shogun Prairie Breaker II for a song a couple of weeks ago. Araya 26x1.75, Suzie hubs, bear traps, slingshot stem, SR crank. Needs a good cleaning. And some small parts replaced for cosmetic reasons. And a layback seatpost. Destined to become a single speed. Wish it was blue.

Front wheel is temporarily borrowed off of my parts donor bike. A looks to be barely ridden 21" 86 Schwinn Sierra, with same rims but Joytech high flange hubs, that'll probably be stripped to the frame within a couple of weeks as it just doesn't fit me. Except for some closet dings and dry rotted original tires, it looks brand new.

Also just got a very similar 17" Raleigh M-40 for a shop bike. It's a little newer with combined indexed thumb shifter and brake levers, Vuelta Strong Rims and Shimano Hubs.
It'll probably get new deraileurs and maybe cassette from the Schwinn. And possibly a direct drive weedeater motor.
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