Very Versatile Bicycle Lights

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Versatile Bicycle Light
You guys probably already knew about these. I Just discovered some versatile bicycle lights for customizing. They come in different anodized finishes, and are sold under different names. I ’ve found them in front and rear lights. Here is one example at Amazon Example of the Lights

They are intended to mount by the rubber strap. However, they have a small screw holding them on the mounting strap. You can remove the screw and strap and replace it with a screw the length you need for your bracket or purpose. Use washers to keep the screw from going to deep. There is a step on the back. I use a thick rubber washer there to take up the space.

They are fairly bright and use two 2032 batteries. Looking at pictures of USB chargeable lights, I don't believe they have the screws holes like these. I think the bolts I use are 4mm. The lights turn on by pressing the lens. There are multiple mode selections.



Showing the rubber washer I put behind it, have used regular metal washers too.

Rack mounting option

"L" bracket option
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Jul 30, 2013
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Those get an A+ for appearance, but I really dislike things that rely on coin batteries. Of course, I DO have a dynamo hub hiding in my backroom stash--hmm...