Unique Set of (5) Schwinn Super Deluxes

Aug 21, 2008
Southeastern Wisconsin
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Getting tired of tripping over these old bikes in my basement............so instead of just pushing them to the "curb", figured I'd offer F/S/T. They are a set of (5) original paint Schwinn Sting Ray S/D's. T
he really UNIQUE aspect is that serial numbers are sequentially dated months.

1) First is a Sept '64 red - VERY RARE original S/D in darn nice shape + probably the earliest original red S/D known -

2) Second is an Oct '64 violet - SWEET bike w/ NOS seat (Bill Figatner) + NOS strut - CA. bike, but stunning rich, dark color -

3) Third is a Nov '64 Slime - Longtime fav of any "early" guy - Few scratches, but still looks SHARP - The added Yellow Oval Slik on rear brings a TUFF look!

4) Fourth is an N4 Cop , which to me is still a Dec bike - BEAUTIFUL bike w/ rare N4 code -

5) Last is a Jan '65 Blue - I really like the lighter shade of blue on this bike - not dark like some early blues - Few spots of paint loss mainly near crank housing + kick side headtube - Still a sharp lookin bike

These include a grand worth of minty correct pedals.

Lookin for seventeen five in cash upon pickup - Those in the know will realize after a lil math this isn't as high as it initially sounds -

Please email direct (mludwig5@sbcglobal.net ) w/ any specific questions .

TONS of pics posted on Facebook at various Sting Ray sites including " Schwinn Sting Ray 1963-83 Original Paint Group "