Unicycle build off?

Sep 18, 2010
S.F. bay area
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For your project, you might try to find a green machine. It already has the freewheel.
I want to see if I can get a 29" wheel under it so I am gonna have to spoke it. They make drift hubs with the freewheel built in, but they are like $80, so to the parts pile I go... I was just hoping someone was building a sick custom one and could use it with some sweet old square taper cranks... Maybe I shoud hop in.. :rofl:


Aug 5, 2010
Back Woods
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How do you ride it with the seat angled like that?
Man, I don't ride it, anymore.:eek:
40 some year ago: when, I got it....
I was everywhere,on this uni.:D

I have the seat at that angle : so,it can : lean against the wall.:grin:
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