Undeniably Irish (was Big Green Irish Ray)

Apr 24, 2007
lame name. Perhaps someone will come up with a better name.

Started as a Huffy Arlington. Low grade mix of mtb and cruiser. Stripped down to the frame and tossed the rest.

26" frame with 24" wheels. My local town has a huge parade every March 17 so this is for that event. I built one last year for the rrbbo but sold it before parade day. We'll see if this is still around by March. Of course I need to get it finished by the deadline here.

A "before" photo. Well not really. Mine was in far worse shape. I just didn't remember to take a pic.

Just the frame ma'am.

Paint and decals scraped off and primed in white for what is next..

Thought I'd try some green Glitter paint. This stuff is bizarre. Comes out of the spray can clear, the glitter is flying all about. Some lands on the frame and crawls around. I don't plan on using this stuff ever again.

Aluminum rims painted in gold. 4 leaf clovers cut from corrugated plastic panels and sprayed with a normal green. Found a green lock to go with it. 2 new green tires.

Wheels laced up and tires installed.

Test fit of wheels

Test fit of seat and bars.

What's behind the green door? Only the joker knows. next week, same bat channel.
Apr 24, 2007
Pretty much finished the build today.

I painted the bars gold. Gold paint is very easy to scratch so I went against the labels recommendation and added some clear. After 5 days of drying, it still scratched when I put the stem on. Green chain. Lime green grips. white plastic coated cranks. It rides quite nicely. Rolls easy and smooth. Fits me okay as is. The main problem is the modern Pyramid brand banana seat is just horrible to sit on. If I planned on keeping the bike, a better shaped seat would be a must.


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Nov 24, 2012
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This bike is undeniably Irish!
(My middle name is Patrick, so I speak with authority!):D

If not you, someone will most definitely be riding it on St. Patty's Day!:thumbsup:
Apr 24, 2007
Thanks Patrick, TRM, that's the best name suggestion yet. I'm going with it.

I'm 000% Irish, 365 days a year, but who says we all can't celebrate other's history and events. Riding bikes is a great way to do just that.
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