Uncle Touchy's Back Roads Bomber (Revised)

Sep 21, 2006
First off thanks to those who voted for this bike.

I recently stole the wheel set and tires off my build-off bike for the Heavy-Duti I just got.
Looking through my wheels for a set to replace them with I decided on this orange set. Dug out some fat tires. I faux patina'd a rear fender, put it on and removed the wood box. Replaced the saddle with a more comfy Brooks which could use some weathering/aging.

Nov 22, 2011
You know I walked past the bike at the Bike Fest and on first glance I thought just another old rusty weathered bike.
The next time going the opposite direction I realized that it was Uncle Touchy. You really did a great job giving it the weathered patina look.
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