Two Icons in the World Series

Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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It seems historic that the Cubs and Indians are both in the World series. Iconic bike towns.

Chicago hasn't won it since 1945!

Cleveland hasn't won it since 1948!

So, the fans for both teams are going to get the most out of it because they may not get another chance.

I'm overseas so the games start at 8 in the morning. I go down to the VFW because they have the best breakfast around, and have a big screen TV. I'm the only Cleveland fan, and all my friends there give me a hard time, they are rooting for the Cubs. Some are brand new fans, you know how that works when new fans sprout up. After the game today, I had to post this on FB:

"Well there was a bunch of us Vets in the back meeting hall with the big screen, had breakfast and everyone was having beer except me, had to drive and it was too early anyway. It was getting pretty rowdy but I was the only Indian fan, they were all Cubs fans. Toward the end of the game, you could hear a mouse fart in the alley outside."

Back in the day, both towns made some great bikes, and I've owned both, but I like the Cleveland Welding Bikes best!
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