Top CatAstrophe - Murray BMX 20"

This is my first build-off and I really enjoyed it. The bike turned out good, everything works, even the speedo seems to be calibrated for 20" wheels. Disappointed that my wife can't ride it with her bad knee. As I said in the build series, I took the streamers off, raised the seat and took it down the Erie Canal Trail which is a few houses down the road. It handled well enough, the low gearing and 3 speeds made it easy to ride on the gravel path. The difference between this and the 20' wheel chopper I built is that - this is still a kids bike, too small for an adult, where the chopper was completely comfortable and rideable.
Here's the bike as my neighbor gave it to me 5 years ago.

I cleaned it and because it looked a bit like a motorcycle I installed a 3 speed coaster brake (Shimano) with a "throttle" shifter and cable. That complimented the motorbike look but the brake didn't work. It went directly to the back of the garage for 5 years.
In early May I got it out, took the wheel off and rebuilt the hub with the guts of a working hub. I bought fenders for it and roughly fitted them, and dug out a chain guard. That is when I found Rat Rod Bikes and joined the Build Off.

Here's the finished photos of Top CatAstrophe...and thanks for all the encouragement and for helping me identify the bike as a Murray Top Cat BMX.

Photos from the Erie Canal Trail and the ride back on my road (about 1 mile each way).

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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Nice work on the rat-storation of this cool little bike!

One thing to note, the first photo that appears at the top of this thread, should be your best shot of the finished product. That will be the photo that will be used for the Voting Booth once the build off ends.
I like the 4th photo from the top, in the grass with some sunshine.
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