Thompson Classic Bicycle Components - grips and seats

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Hey all -
My original for sale thread was deleted in the server melt down a couple weeks ago, so I just want to pop in and say I'll be rebuilding it in time. Meanwhile, if you're in need of coke bottle grips, ball end grips (a Thompson exclusive) or leather seats (brown and black), PM me, or search eBay seller ijt64. I tend to lower my prices here a little for you folks vs. eBay, though the prices have come closer over the years due to the market.
In the meantime, here's a new item to be available soon pending my road test approval. My molder mixed up a batch of graphite and colonial white ball end grips for me. They are made from a new material, thus the pending approval. Maybe some of you will be interested in these colors. If the material is approved, he says he can mold me lime green and orange and blue.

Ride safe.


Jun 28, 2011
LaFayette GA
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Asa- you wanna road test a set for me? I’ll send you a free pair if you give me feedback on them.


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Sure. Been planning on ordering some more cola grips anyway. let me get with my brother and figure out what we need and I'll get back with you. You can just throw them in the box with the others if that's cool?
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This seat has weird-ish coloring so if you’re west of Ohio it’ll cost you $38 shipped, east of Ohio $32 shipped (a loss to me).

I’ll be posting more of these second quality seats. They are mechanically fine, just have discoloration in leather.

Also have these used white Ball End grips for $8 shipped. Removed them from the Team Thompson test mule (50s Monark) to test mount the new grips. The picture makes them look cleaner than they are.

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Sep 22, 2016
Tucson, Az
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How wide are these used white grips? I’m thinking either these or a pair of white coke bottle grips for a build I am doing. How wide are the coke bottles? And do you have white ones available now? If so how much are those shipped? I bought from you once before, you may have my info still?
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Hey yall - currently trying to liquidate seat inventory. I have 40 or so black leather seats with black springs and hardware (look just like the brown leather seat a few posts above, but black) going for $12 plus $15.05 shipping (Med Size Flat Rate USPS). $6 additional shipping per seat if buying more than one.

You can't beat this deal. The seats cost me $19 each - so this is below cost.

hit me up to get yours. or PayPal $27.05 to with a note saying what you're buying and include your address. I'll get it to you promptly.

thanks, and ride safe.

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yep, still selling. Search eBay seller ijt64 if interested, or message me here.

clamdigger - I had another customer tell me their grips were loose. It's not a common complaint (only two in ten years), but it makes me wonder how often it happens. I measured a dozen bars in my parts collection, and some do run small. My ball end grips are the opposite, a very tight fit, and often need lube and/or rubber mallet persuasion.

thanks to all.

P.S. I'm currently selling off my remaining inventory leather seats at below cost. They are black with black springs and hardware. They are $12 each, plus $15.05 shipping (Medium Flat Rate Box), $6 additional shipping for each seat. Thanks again.