The Typhoon

Hi im Ricky, and this is my bike for the buildoff. Its a 1964 Schwinn Typhoon 24 incher. I picked her up at the flea market last summer for 20 dollars. I didnt realize how much was wrong with it until me and my dad started working on it. I redid it since i baught it so its not like im starting with an original bike, Lets just say im gonna Ratrod/hotrod it up a bit!

Ill post some more pics as i progress in my build, STAY TUNED!!!
Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
i dont really look at that bike as a compleated bike either. if we want to level the playing feild then rick rip it down to the frame then start from there but honestly i think he should get the second period english hall pass on this one :lol: lets see those mad skills there ricky :shock:
Thanks man, i could have this bike done in one day if it would quit frickin raining and snowing! my back yard has about 2 inches of water in it through out, garage has 1, i got my panther on the work bench, hornet on the otherone and the other twos rims are coverd in water, just have to put a good coat of polish on em before summer. CANT WAIT!
Haha, yeah. i heard i get some sunshine 2 morrow ill tryyyy to get some work dont on this ole thing.. Im not painting it ill do some stuff 2 the chain guard :) suprise peeps! lol gotta get up and run 2 my buddys house and take the fork off an old hollywood. But yeah ill try!

Yeah but i dont think the tires were full that time we raced, they were low. Anyways, heres some pics i took of what i did today I FELL ON THE DAM ICE 3 TIMES! So i decided i did enough for today, im not working on it again till it gets dry outside so if i dont make the deadline FK IT! Here are the pics...
Heres the parts im putting on the bike:

This is like right before i took off the fork and stuff..

T'da the front end is off.

And this is an idea of how its gonna look..

And heres ur beautiful builder, Mwahh lol
Sep 7, 2006
we all learned by trial and error lol you can cut it down but its a special fine thread and you will have to have a bike shop rethread it or buy the special die on line we sell 3 different thread size for the one inch at napa but none are fine enuff
good luck!
I think im going to take the fork out of my tandem, or will it not fit the tandem isnt schwinn but idk, Would my wester flyer tandem fork fit this frame? Another thing makes me mad, no tire will fit a schwinn rim but a schwinn tire, or a specially orderd 1 it makes me mad lol. I hope we get some good weather tomoroow ill be out there.
Ricksterr, this is how you do it without any special tool. Just screw in 2 top bearing cones facing each other and leave just enough space for a hacksaw blade between them where you want to cut on the steerer tube. When you unscrew the cone that is left on the fork it should clean out the thread if need be. Remember, measure twice, cut once. Steerer tubes don't grow back.