The Tilt - A - Liner

Aug 14, 2008
Atlanta, GA
i finished the bike last weekend but weather sucked, and did not get home from work one day this week while there was still light.
today there was a bit of a break from the rain, so i had to take photos. not ideal, but at least i dont need the flash.

Frame / Fork: 1961 Sears/JC Higgins Flightliner, flipped rat-trap fork. original tank and rack with original lenses, original chainguard.
Wheels: chrome drop center rims, Bendix Automatic 2 speed triple red band kickback in rear. Kenda Flame 26 x 2.125 tires.
Handlebars: 16" Ape Hangers - Black Motocross grips
Saddle: Custom leather upholstery on Troxel springer saddle.
Stainless steel chain
Electra Block pedals
original wald crank and murray front cog.

hey, its nothing super duper. i really just wanted to get one good flightliner together that i was happy with to ride.
i am 100% content with how it turned out.

Nov 18, 2007
After working on my Flightliner, I've really come to appreciate these bikes. Yours is one mean looking SOB!....Uh, I'm gonna steal your rear light idea. :wink:
Dec 14, 2007
Austin, TX
Real classy build. Everything looks great.
Can't believe you have the lenses! Almost none of mine have lenses intact.
Thanks again for your cast-off FlightLiner parts!
May 14, 2008
bikes got great attitude with the flipped forks and apes! :mrgreen: tankers always look cool with apes to me. i`d kill to find a tan seat like yours! :D