The Seminole (new pictures 7/30)

Re: The Seminole

thank you fellas.

The mom-in-law and I went up to Westfield, MA last night and took some pictures in front of the old factory (now a Columbia factory). It had a razor fence around it, but we just walked in through an open gate onto the property and no one said anything. It was like a ghost town. Through the third floor windows, we could see tubular school furniture moving along an assembly line. What buildings are left are still pretty cool. Wish I had been there before they tore down the older sections and the museum. I was hoping to see the tall Pope Mfg. smokestack that is still visible on Google Earth images.

here's the Google image... I marked what they took down recently. Only the old buildings in the middle area and along the new white buildings are still standing. There are piles of old bricks still, we took a half dozen.

I'll post the new pictures Monday.
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