The Seminole (new pictures 7/30)

I'm hoping to get better finished pictures soon, but for now I'll post these.

If we can find the time, my mother in law is going to do her camera magic at the remains of the original factory where this bike was built.

I present the simple and humble 1936 Westfield Seminole:

New glamour pics, courtesy of my mother in law:

The Columbia Manufacturing executive offices:

contemplating (that this bike was made on these grounds 76 years ago):

some of the grand old Pope and Westfield factory sat on this very spot. Buildings that were spared in the background:

I like this shot best:

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Dec 22, 2011
Dayton, Ohio
Re: The Seminole

Now that is what I'm talking about! Super clean looking bike, looks like a nice rider and has plenty of style. Loving the patina, rear wheel, seat, headbadge, etc. This one is on my short list.

Nice job!

Re: The Seminole

that is a bike I would like to have
Maybe the pictorial definition of a Rat Rod Bike right there
great combination of parts done in an extremely clean way
Super clean looking bike
It's all been said! All in all, super nice bike. That is a bike I would be proud to show off. I can't wait to see the magic factory pics as well.

Apr 8, 2007
Encinitas, SoCal
Re: The Seminole

Really good looking bike! Highly in favor of a minimalist approach where the additions blend but still add. Tires/wheels a nice beefy accent to it.
Jul 22, 2009
Carmichael, CA
Re: The Seminole

You nailed a killer look my friend!! Its just right. The seat is in a perfect position all laid back. The chain guard with the holes is cool. The 24/26 tire combo. I really dig it all!
Aug 8, 2011
Denton, TX
Re: The Seminole

It might be the bikes with the this's and that's bolted all over them that win buildoffs... but it's the ones like this that can be used, abused, and ridden like a rat, that I love the most.

Great Job
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