"The Purple Pavement Pounder"

Aug 9, 2008
Sweet Rickster! Tough luck on the bum pedal. That color combo and white walls reminds me of an 80's lowrider! ;) Those forks are wicked, I dig.
Aug 9, 2008
Hey Rickster, I wanna see the metal seat on that thing. I think it would look better than the black imo.
Lord do i ever hate this bike. :x the piece in the crank that goes against the bearings like threaded to far in or somthing, now its stuck and i cant get it out of the SOB'ing bike! Im ready 2 say forget it and throw it away lol


Dec 4, 2006
Sounds like time for the grinder w/cut off blade to come out. :mrgreen: The crank is shot anyway
Jan 8, 2008
Oxford, Michigan
Hey Rick I was on Woodward last night too. I was riding my Ratty Racer project. Sorry we missed each other. I rode from 9mile up to Normandy (just north of Dugans) and back. I saw your dads buddies car. I think it started out as a Nash. 8)
Oh yeah guys, she held up good tonight :D

I rode from my house 2 Woodward and 12 mile, up to 15 mile back down Woodward to 9 mile took Woodward over 2 john r, and that home.. That made tonights ride about 30 miles! :D I also rode around earlier and to my buddy Derek's dads.

oh and the left rear axle nut was loose, i rode from 13 mile to 9 mile with one axle nut holding the rear wheel on, she held up DANG good tonight, i beat the piss out of it, skidding at every stop, riding as fast as i could.. she held up I'm so proud of myself aha.
Aug 9, 2008
Dang, that's quite a long ride, especially on a rat. ;) I rode 22 miles once last year on my road bike and I was tired. Way to go and the rat held tight too for ya. Nice work! That thing is totally a chick magnet, nice color choice bro!
Yeah dude, my hands are hurting so bad, i got like blisters on my fingers from the grips

It looks great dont it :lol: i like it now ;) Its F-A-S-T My friend was fallin behind on his 5-speed collegiate :D

Thanks alot hecht :D Yeah girls love the bike ;D everrryone looks at it. it looks old but so good