The Phantom Menace aka The Layoff Special II

finished my preservation of this 1990 Schwinn Phantom. The most satisfying part was salvaging the potato-chip-shaped rear wheel, which was a team effort with a friend. I dismantled the wheel, made a wood jig for my vise, and did lots of tweaking to the rim. My bud talked me thru re-lacing the wheel over the phone; something I'd never done. Then he did the final truing.

The paint is mostly original except for a few spots of touch up. I clear coated the decals to preserve them. My intent was to fix the bike up and preserve some/most of the patina.

So, as usual, I did not intend on placing well in this build off, but just used the deadline as motivation to finish it. I'm pleased with it. It rides well. And now I have a small beater to ride in the driveway with the kiddos - my original goal.

Thanks everybody, and good luck to you. Stay healthy.

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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Ian, everything you do ends up with a very 'finished and well put together' look.
Visually pleasing. Aesthetically pleasing. And, cool. :41:
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Thank you for the kind words.
I was riding this thing in the driveway yesterday with my daughter. It's perfect. Puts me more down on her level than riding my big bikes. I think she liked it too.
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Jul 16, 2019
America's Friendly Hat
Yeah, my kids love it when I pull out the bmx for driveway foolin. Probably more than when we do a track day, I'm more focused on speed there. They can't catch me
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